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VTT develops methods for efficient software testing
Testing costs for new products could even be halved

VTT has developed methods to make software testing more efficient than before. The methods expose software flaws ever more precisely, thus the operating of the end product containing the software is more reliable than before. Thanks to the new testing methods the product makes it faster onto the market and certain testing costs could be cut by as much as a half. Several companies will soon be introducing the new testing methods.

Matti Kärki of VTT (left) and Hannu Rytilä of NetHawk Oyj have developed methods for faster and more efficient software testing.
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Photo: Juha Lehtikangas

In a joint European research project, new testing methods have been developed under the leadership of VTT specifically for the European information telecommunications domain. The new testing methods are a response to the challenge emerging as a result of products and services containing increasingly complex functions and due to the companies' desire to decrease time to market of their product.

VTT has defined methods and practices for the telecommunication domain to enable development of reusable test systems and suites. The methods developed by VTT enable the efficient test system and suite development for new software intensive systems and services by reusing the test assets from different phases of testing and also from existing products and services. In current practice test suites and systems are generally largely redeveloped for individual phases, products and services without considering reuse factors in a systematic way.

Software testing costs are currently 25-50 percent of total costs of software development work. At best as much as a half of the testing costs in certain testing phases can be saved with the VTT testing methods as they make it easier to reuse testing systems and suites. The methods are based on a new European testing methods standard.

According to estimates in the IT branch the share of software will continue to grow in European industry. The new software testing standard is suitable for testing in very different domains. Alongside VTT other European partners have been exploring and developing testing methods for software products in the automobile industry, railways and financial domains.

The results of the software testing development work of the joint project have been so promising that the European organisation Information Technology for European Advancement (ITEA) presented the research project with the ITEA Achievement Award 2005. The project involved 4 research institutes and 8 industrial companies. It was funded among others by Tekes and those participating from Finland included VTT, Conformiq Software, NetHawk and Nokia.

Further information:

Matti Kärki, Research Scientist
Tel. +358 20 722 2268
NetHawk Oyj
Hannu Rytilä, Engineering Manager
Tel. +358 40 301 0258

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