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Information technology students as forerunners in Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Workers' cooperative motivates students in many ways

Innovations have evolved into business ventures at Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Ending financial support begins to complicate the development of ideas

Strong support for inventions from Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Building outdoor terrace and walls coated by slates takes only one day

Urban Agriculture Inventors Meet in UNIPOLI Tampere
Vertical Pocket Rack for Growing Plants Saves Space

New ventures emerged from ideas developed at Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Innovation services invigorate degree programmes

Making working in plastics and rubber more familiar in comprehensive schools
Plastics and rubber offer all kinds of job opportunities

Increase in aids for the elderly demands new expertise
1.9 million Euro wellbeing technology learning environment for Sastamala

The Sastamala area strengthens its top expertise
From by-products of arable cultivation to completely recyclable raw material for reinforcing plastic

New e-Learning materials to improve mathematical logic abilities of students and workers (7.12.2010)

Tampere University of Applied Sciences responds to the needs of industry
International courses in measurement and control technology

Tampere University of Applied Sciences leads development work
Well-being tourism to attract people to the Tampere Region

TAMK University of Applied Sciences in co-operation with Germany, the Czech Republic and Estonia
Studying automation and German language on an integrated web-based course

Demand in China for expertise in wood construction
An energy-efficient building by TAMK University of Applied Sciences for a Chinese megapolis

TAMK University of Applied Sciences designs health information, visuality and music into a health game for young people

New learning material for adult students of the retail trader
Expertise increases alongside work through eLearning

The needs of working life are changing faster and faster
University students need to learn more and more during their on-the-job training

An up-to-date learning environment for training in timber procurement
TAMK University of Applied Sciences to teach the whole picture of timber procurement

The universities of applied sciences compared their activities in research and development in Western Europe.
Research and development carry less weight in Finland

A prize-winning idea on trial
Technical implementation for the open innovation bank from Tampere

Research by Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the Finnish Museum of Photography:
Photographic art achieved appreciation in Finland through internationalization

Major energy savings sought in market gardens
A curtain of light between the rows of plants to replace high-energy lamps


An activating tool for students training for professions
TAMK University of Applied Sciences accomplished the welfare portal


A portable measurement unit to monitor the air we breathe
Expertise on fine particles in Tampere


Getting more publicity for UAS research ideas
The best ones are developed into commercial products


TAMK University of Applied Sciences modelling theatrical functions

Two days to raise the wooden-framed outside walls of a building
A new option for reasonably priced individual architecture


Research by Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences and a Japanese university
Regular Nordic Walking may reduce the risk of falls in elderly people

Publicising design instructions and benefits of aluminium construction
TAMK is creating a learning environment for aluminium construction

An easier way to convert research inventions of Pirkanmaa HEIs into business activity
TEKES chose the Unipoli organisation to test a simpler funding mechanism

Tampere leads in the teaching of the rudiments of programming.  Final conference in Thailand
Materials bank for teaching programming created under the Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences

Recycling nutrients saves the environment
Potatoes and cabbages fertilized with composted toilet waste includes also tests for taste in Tampere

More efficiency in Finnish-Russian co-operation
Cultural knowledge and interaction skills are crucial in project work

Unique notice boards in buses developed in Turku
Passengers pleased with local news and information on traffic and weather

Pirkanmaa want to raise its profile in AV and film
Small film companies gained strength on a polytechnic development project

Better road safety thanks to the traffic information service developed by ICT Turku Oy
Drivers to receive information on hazards occurring on their routes while in transit

An honourable mention from the Tanzanians for Mwanza’s environmental care
Tampere provides its twin city with support in waste management knowhow

Entrepreneurs in timber harvesting and transportation are networking with each other
More holistic timber harvesting and transportation services

Tampere research confirms the change:
Success in the audiovisual business means transforming your business model

From Tampere a new opening for Finnish environmental expertise in China
Three theses are being done in an area of 110,000 dry toilets

A special service at the Pirkanmaa Polytechnic - University of Applied Sciences
Home structures and tools to facilitate everyday routines are now available for trial

Year 2006

"One Hundred Finnish Soundscapes" compiled for publication (25.10.2006)

Higher education institution rectors from North Africa, the Middle East and several EU countries meet in Tampere
The Southern Mediterranean countries look for models from Finnish higher education and business collaboration

Work by students and SMEs for an international innovation:
Manually assembled catastrophe shelter to facilitate emergency treatment in crisis areas

Being lead-free means a challenge for the electronics industry
Salo provides an effective testing system for joints in electronics

Making good use of ICT in the SMEs of Southwest Finland (19.06.2006)

Unique development work accomplished in Hämeenlinna
Modifications to the memory-impaired person's home facilitate safer living

The alarm call for security and care comes through easily and surely
Turku technology prolongs coping in the elderly and increases efficiency in the care field

VTT develops methods for efficient software testing
Testing costs for new products could even be halved

VTT technical solutions simplify decision-making in building construction
New IT methods reduce life cycle costs of buildings

Tampere firm obtains utility model for a lift solution for no-lift apartment buildings
The lift supports living at home and reduces the need for home services and institutional accommodation

With VTT technical solutions computers form themselves independently into distributed networks
The mobile consumer now gets Internet services easier than before on the terminal

Year 2005

More films being produced in Tampere Region
Tampere Polytechnic leading an development and training project

Tampere Polytechnic has an smartphone technology development laboratory
The response of the Polytechnic to the enormous demand for demanding software expertise

New cost- efficient construction industry model developed in Finland to meet clients' requirements (13.11.2005)

New VTT technology reduces consumption of heating energy to a third (01.11.2005)

VTT methods to improve fire safety in subterranean facilities (24.10.2005)

A VTT method to evaluate the moisture buffering properties of building materials
New selling arguments for Finnish companies on the European construction markets: New wooden structures to maintain comfortable indoor humidity

VTT developed methods for wireless control of company production lines (05.10.2005)

Master's programme in IT engineering now permanent in Turku
Support for IT companies' internationalisation through university co-operation

From VTT: A method to ensure energy conservation
A bid for a 50 % energy saving in repairs to buildings in Europe

ICT Turku making Southwest Finland an IT leader (04.07.2005)

Lithuanian expertise in nuclear technology brought up to new safety level with Finnish technology (28.06.2005)

Tampere teachers in the forefront of technology teaching
New teaching methods make students keen to learn – and qualify quickly

VTT manages international telecommunication project
Wireless services to customers ten times faster

VTT: Intelligent packages in only a few years thanks to printable electronics and optics
Consumers will benefit from more comprehensive product information stored in the packages

The Finnish software industry responds to the challenge of the Far East
Methods developed by VTT improve working efficiency and product quality of software companies

Year 2004

Control circuit for future supercomputer to be produced in Finland
The circuit will improve the computational accuracy and efficiency of quantum computers operating at extremely low temperatures

New device enables immediate traffic emissions monitoring (16.12.2004)

New superconductor technology developed by VTT (19.11.2004)

Finnish Cable TV starts commercial iTV services with Ortikon Interactive's solution (03.09.2004)

Progressive starch products for industry from Finland
The new raw materials are proving a technological leap in packaging

Emissions and maintenance costs reduced
VTT's new coating reduces corrosion and wear in machine parts

The Turku Region makes its challenge for competition in the locating of companies
Entrepreneurial services all from one place in south-west Finland

A big international mobile networks project gets under way: VTT leads the development of the first test systems
Services available for a consumer via personal mobile network

SparkNet lets you move about and do knowledge work safely
In one year Turku becomes Finland's "wireless" city

New techniques for storing and presenting video clips on home and mobile devices (06.05.2004)

The Emfit safety mat identifies footsteps and calls the mobile phone
Safety in nursing care for old people easily and inexpensively

New technology for the identification of biomolecules and more
Multi-purpose sensors into mass production with VTT's printing technique

The mobile phone identifies its user's situation
VTT method provides users with easier than ever mobile services

VTT speeds up the production of mobile software
Being one week ahead makes a great difference to the success of a mobile product

VTT develops superior bullet-proof material
Big market potential in the defence industry

Weatherproof recycled products from wood processing and plastic side products
Wood-plastic composites developed by VTT can replace impregnated wood

Casting directly from a computer model
Finnish method offers major savings and speeds up product development

Year 2003

Constant access to internet and intranet in a 200 access point network.
The south-western Finland wireless net is among Europe's fastest and widest

VTT and telecom companies developed new tools for electronic systems design
Better competitive ability for new products

Crossing municipal borders in – map sharing in Southwest Finland
Common database facilitates access to municipal and regional maps

Revolutionary room-specific air-filtering of pollutants, nerve gases and viruses (20.10.2003)

Advanced Finnish technology for automotive wiring systems (25.09.2003)

VTT develops paper that is better and easier to recycle (01.09.2003)

Tampere gets a new cluster in textile research (07.08.2003)

VTT awaiting marketization of its fuel cell technology
Fuel cells can be made into a source of power for a consumer product

VTT introduces an open source web site and releases its first open source application (19.05.2003)

From VTT: Bioplastic reinforced with natural fibres
Finland leads Europe in the development of renewing bioplastic

The VTT system retrieves services from the Internet open databases
A map on the mobile phone display also guides the user to the services

VTT's new device promotes clean combustion technology with high plant efficiency
Power plant technology breakthrough with Finnish know how

VTT interface technology for Italian car design
A technically intelligent environment learns and is interactive

VTT develops new tools to support risk management decision-making.
Assessing workplace risks promotes safety and trouble-free production

Year 2002

VTT in search of ways to utilise carbon dioxide emissions (06.11.2002)

Millions saved thanks to improved production reliability
VTT's development work has substantially reduced stoppages

VTT and Nautor create a new yacht production concept (19.09.2002)

VTT helps boost the efficiency of Stalatube's tube production (30.08.2002)

Rolls-Royce orders product development simulator from VTT (10.06.2002)

VTT prepares the ground for standardisation work
New information systems for buses

Complexity catastrophe for the mobile telephone networks?
Getting a grip on complicated technology by using nature's complexity recipes

Safe behaviour minimises accidents at work (14Dec 2001)

A methodology for effective process design from VTT (14Dec 2001)

VTT technology helps in the assembly of microscopic components (5 Dec 2001)

Dream Vision - Sound User Interface (6 Nov 2001)

VTT evaluates safety of patient beds (5Nov 2001)

Machinery Cab Stabilization Using damping Developed by VTT:   Intelligent technology prevents health detriments (5 Nov 2001)

VTT’s tender wins ESA competition (31 Oct 2001)

VTT’s navigation technology guides the visually impaired
(21 Oct 2001)

VTT and Conenor boost plastic production (26 Sept 2001)

Highly versatile alarm for elderly people
(13 Sept 2001)

VTT’s new encapsulating method provides microcircuits with excellent protection (6 Sept 2001)

Effective heat transfer systems for electronic equipment (6 Sept 2001)

Year 2001

More flexible refining of castings using VTT techniques (28 June 2001)

In-vehicle bus system in public transport vehicles to improve
through standard
(19 June 2001)

Fun with video games in Virtual Space
( 8 May 2001)

More efficient production with wireless technology
(10 May 2001)

Toward better software reliability
(8 May 2001)

A brand-new learning environment for the paper industry
(2 April 2001)

Call public transportation service brings savings
(2 Feb 2001)

Scrap sorted with machine vision
(22 Jan 2001)

Optimised reliability for process plants
(5 Jan 2001)

Year 2000

Better IT systems for SMEs

Reliable human control of technology

Automation doubles the efficiency of road graders

Many advantages of closed lamination

Remote control of intelligent vehicles via the internet

Comprehensive risk management programme - the first for the City of Espoo

New challenges for process industry safety

Sensor reveals defects in gate valves and bearings

New Measurement Technology for Puijo Ski Jump,Kuopio

Corrosion causes serious faults in electronics

Safe Tipping Structures for Trucks

The Control of Static Electricity at Workplaces

A New Way to Better Work Environment

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