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28 Feb 2000

A New Way to Better Work Environment


A better way of investigating impurities and other detriments in indoor air has been developed. A new measuring apparatus can collect data on amounts of dust, gas, vapour, noise, vibration, or even draughts while simultaneously recording video images of work stages. The apparatus can also be used to study aspects such as physical loadings and heartbeat rates in work stages.

The detrimental properties of a work environment are recorded by a small measuring device on the employee. The related data are transmitted wirelessly to a database in the apparatus, which simultaneously controls a video recording the work stages.

Classification of the measurement data in the database permits the comprehensive analysis of the air impurities and detriments in various work stages. The apparatus helps workplace experts develop economical and easily applied solutions to reduce exposure to detriments. The apparatus has been developed by VTT Automation Environment Fund . The Finnish Work Environment Fund provided financial support for this work.

Results obtained with the new apparatus can be used to reduce work-related illnesses and accidents. The apparatus can also be used, for instance, for particle measurements required to maintain cleanliness in production facilities.

International experts in occupational health and production have used similar apparatus to develop an operating model for investigating exposure, in co-operation with VTT and the Tampere Regional Work Health Institute. The model, which will provide workplaces with new information on health and a clean work environment, has been tested in nine workplaces in Finland, Sweden, and Austria.

Further information: VTT Automation, Arto Säämänen,
tel. +358 (0)3 316 3253.

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