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28 June 2001

More flexible refining of castings
using VTT techniques

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New grinding techniques developed by VTT Automation and VTT Chemical Technology enable a more flexible approach to the refining of metal castings. The new grinding techniques can be used for deburring and, finally, the whole casting can be fine-machined with adaptable finish grinding, controlled by "power control".

The new technique incorporates a laser scanner attached to a robot. The scanner records the data on the surface characteristics of the casting – with burrs – into the memory of a CAD workstation. While it is secured during a machining stage, the positioning of the casting and its twists are registered precisely. Comparison of the piece's surface model with a simulated CAD equivalent enables the robot to carry out accurate grinding according to optimal grinding parameters. Under the influence of power control, the grinding wheel compressive force is increased where burrs exist, but is relaxed in any areas where the casting has been affected by shrinkage.

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By means of the surface model, positioning, simulation and power control techniques, a good, efficient finishing can be achieved for the casting. The new techniques ensure a safer, more flexible method for removing burrs.

Finnscrew Oy, Jukova Oy, RTS Finland Oy and Tekes have also jointly participated in the development and funding of this grinding technology for castings. Companies are beginning to use the new techniques in metal machining, and laser measurement can also be used for measuring the form of broken pieces and for analysing their surface characteristics.

Mikko Sallinen

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