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Effective heat transfer systems for electronic equipment

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It will soon be possible to improve the productivity of equipment containing electronics by using new heat transfer systems. Thanks to systems devised by VTT, power surplus that turns into heat can now be evenly distributed throughout equipment and channelled out without the need for a fan. This means that the properties of even tightly packed components can be exploited to the full. The likelihood of malfunctions and the need for maintenance are reduced, which boosts user satisfaction and the manufacturer’s image.

At best, the new systems will enable heat to ‘transfer itself’ in the desired way. In other words, this means sensible use of heat-conducting materials and exploiting naturally occurring air flows. The main modification will be to the mechanical structures of electronic equipment, as devices and their parts will be designed with adequate ventilation channels and good heat-conducting materials. As a fan will not be required there will be less noise, and less dust and condensation build-up.

VTT Automation and Ideal Engineering Oy originally planned the new heat transfer solutions using computer simulations. Prototype equipment was developed to test the results, while, at the same time the new heat transfer systems and manufacturing technology for them were developed. The introduction of new heat transfer systems will entail additional costs for electronic equipment manufacturers during the transition period.

The heat transfer development work was financed by Efore Ltd, Nokia Networks Ltd, Tecnomen Ltd, Tekes and VTT. In the future, electronics will start to use solid, good heat-conducting composite materials, as well as copper and diamond, which, in Finland, are specifically being developed into composites and diamond films. Additionally, thermal analysis software and modelling technology are being used to control the dynamic phenomena associated with heat energy.

Project reports are available for purchase, on request, from VTT Further information:

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