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9 May 2000

Safe Tipping Structures for Trucks

Jorma Järvenpää

In Finland, 200 - 300 tipper trucks overturn every year, with half of the accidents being caused by the defective and incorrect construction of the truck body. As more trucks are built to multi-purpose specifications, the risk of damage and accidents is expected to increase in the future.

The requirements of the EU's machinery directive have been in force for years for structures in truck bodies (tipper bodies, log-handling equipment, tail-board lifts, loading hoists). Truck body-builders have been trained to build bodies to meet these requirements. In particular, improved fatigue resistance is demanded in the structures, which can be achieved through good design and careful manufacture.

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The Finnish Work Environment Fund, the Finnish Trucking Association, insurance companies, and VTT Automation have prepared guidelines for the manufacture of improved body structures. The guidelines will allow truckers to demand better-quality vehicles already when planning a purchase. Insurance and vehicle inspection operations will also benefit from the more detailed guidelines for applying the machinery directive to trucks.

For further information, please contact: VTT Automation, Jorma Järvenpää.
tel. +358 (0)40 511 7755.

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