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VTT develops paper that is better and easier to recycle

VTT is leading the development of a superior paper that is better to recycle. The new paper can be recycled more than the present mineral filled paper and all the residue after recycling can be burned. Since this paper leaves no waste at all it relieves the pressure of landfill sites. In Western Europe especially there is a market for paper like this, which supports sustainable development.

Lars Gädda

Lars Gädda, head of research at M-real, says that it is a tough challenge to replace mineral filling with starch in paper.
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Photo: Pia Ruhanen

The paper is being developed largely by VTT and the Universities of Helsinki and Joensuu. The development work is supported by Tekes and several companies.

VTT modifies natural starch into new ingredients for paper. The aim is to achieve the same opacity and other important properties as the present mineral filled paper has at the moment. Paper filled with starch is lighter than mineral filled paper, its flexibility and strength are superior, and less abrasive on the reels of the paper machine. This lightness reduces the handling and transportation costs.

"It's a really tough challenge. The present mineral fillers are cheap, even though they come from a long way off. The new paper will need to be better quality than now, more recyclable and the residue will have to be burned safely. What we want is paper grades that are suitable for the infrastructure of the future, a part of sustainable development. Thus there is a call for organic paper solutions," says Lars Gädda, head of research at M-real.

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Photo: Milka Lahnalammi
VTT Processes
Pia Qvintus-Leino, group manager
tel. +358 9 456 5314
Lars Gädda, head of research
tel. +358 010 464 2483

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