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New Measurement Technology for
Puijo Ski Jump,Kuopio

Finding out about pushing force at takeoff

ski jump

New measurement technology was used at the Puijo heats of the world cup skijumping summer round on 9 August 2000 to measure the force exerted by jumpers on takeoff.

The measuring method makes it possible to monitor the development of the jumper's final push in the last ten metres of gathering momentum approaching the end of the ski jump. A successful jump requires good pushing power and its appropriate development on the part of the jumper.

Precise information about this chain of events make things easier for the coach. The spectators will also have the opportunity of deciding for themselves about how well the jump is progressing either on the spot or then on the television screen.

The measuring technology has been developed by the Vaajakoski company Emfitech Oy. It is based on Electro Mechanical Film and minutely measures the pressure on the film from the force exerted by the ski. The pressure are embedded at intervals of 0.5m below the surface of the Puijo ceramic skijump surface. The system registers separate pushoff measurements for each ski.

In skijumping the pushoff stage lasts some 0.3 to 0.4 seconds, and this can now be continuously analysed. Earlier methods have only enabled measurement from the very edge of the jump.

Emfitech Oy state that the measuring system is easy to install and is in principle an option for any skijump. The market for this product is promising. A similar measuring method is already being used successfully for measuring the rigidity of cross-country skis. The method also has application potential in other sports where it is desirable to ascertain the force exerted in a movement.

Heikki Räisänen

Emfitech Oy manufactures and markets sensor systems for alarm systems, tracking, monitoring elderly people and sleep research.

Further information
- Managing Director Heikki Räsänen, Emfitech Oy, mobile phone 0500 678 767
- Managing Director Juhani Mertanen, Puijon Mäet Oy mobile phone 050 553 1184

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