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22 Jan 2001

Scrap sorted with machine vision

Metallilajittelun konenäköjärjestelmästä; eri metallit tunnistetaan niiden värin ja muodon perusteella. Kuvassa tuotantopäällikkö Lasse Pohjankoski Kuusakoski Oy:ltä.
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The sorting of large amounts of scrap can be automated with the help of machine vision. The result is more homogenous than in systems based on human vision.

Copper, brass and stainless steel, which account for 90 percent of the scrap metal and are well suitable for recycling, are optically separated from metal scrap. The separation of the metals is based on their different optical properties. The reflected light is measured with three wavelength bands by using a special color-camera equipped with three ccd-cells.

VTT Automation develops machine vision sorting with Kuusakoski Oy. The company is one of Europe?s largest metal scrap sorting companies. The new sorting system will reduce the amount of scrap that is sorted manually.

Juha Korpinen

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