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1 Dec 2000

Automation doubles the efficiency
of road graders

Tiehöylän terän automaattiohjauksella höylän teho saadaan yli kaksinkertaiseksi.
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An automated control method that more than doubles the efficiency of road graders used in highway construction has been developed. The road grader makes use of positioning technology and a road building plan prepared using road-CAD software.

Modern road construction is based on measuring methods that are already largely three-dimensional. The new control method automatically keeps the levelling blade of the road grader in the correct position, leaving the operator free to concentrate on keeping the grader on the selected road line.

The new road grader control method also offers other advantages. Thanks to the very even layers of crushed aggregates, the subgrade requires fewer different grades of costly crushed material. Furthermore, frost damage is reduced because there is less segregation in the layers of the subgrade.

The works carried out by the road grader are simple and repetitive. Present methods of controlling road graders are manual and arduous, the operator has to simultaneously regulate the blade height, lateral shift, angle of tilt, toe-in and cutting angle, and the result has to be really level. Another new method automatically keeps the blade of the grader at the right angle of tilt, while the operator regulates both blade height and lateral

VTT Automaation erikoistutkija Kalervo Nevala ja terän automaattiohjauksella varustettu tiehöylä.
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position using a single lever.

VTT Automation and the Laboratory of Construction Economy at the University of Oulu have developed these new road grader control methods. The work has been financed by Andament Oy, CadMates Oy, Geoditech Oy, Terrasolid Oy, the Finnish National Road Administration, Tierakennus Ojanen, YIT Corporation , the National Technology Agency (Tekes) and the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT).

Additional information:
VTT Automation, Kalervo Nevala, tel. +358 8 551 2227, mobile: 040 551 8368.

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