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17 Sept 2000

Remote control of intelligent vehicles
via the internet

Internet-based remote control system

The electronics industry is increasingly using intelligent and automatically guided vehicles to transport materials on its production lines. A light-weight and easy-to-use remote control system has been developed for these vehicles. The new system is adaptable and allows production lines to be modified with ease.

The remote control system has an internet-based user interface, which allows the intelligent vehicle to be controlled and taught from any remote location. For example, trials have demonstrated that an intelligent vehicle based in Finland can be successfully controlled via the internet from Japan. The operator controls and monitors the vehicle on the basis of location data and video images.

The user interface is loaded via the internet and its runs within a web browser. The latest version of remote control software is always loaded for use. Even a GSM mobile phone and a laptop computer can function as a control terminal via the internet link. A user ID and password prevent unauthorised access to the control system.

Matti Annala

The method developed can also be used in the remote control, remote monitoring and data collection of different types of processes.

The remote control system was developed by VTT Automation and the development work was funded by the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and the National Technology Agency of Finland (TEKES). Salcomp Oy and Kaski-Tech Oy also participated in the system's design work.

Additional information: VTT Automation, Matti Annala, tel. +358 8 551 2352, GSM mobile + 358 40 552 6329

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