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2 April 2001

A brand-new learning environment for the paper industry

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A clear and easily accessible database has been developed for learning about paper technology, paper industry processes and automation. The web browser-supported KnowPap learning system is already used by more than 20 educational establishments and 13 significant companies. The system is accessible to 50,000 workers and instructors in the forest industry.

Competitive advantage comes from having the latest information and being able to use it rapidly. With the KnowPap database the employee can update his knowledge and broaden his skills. With dynamic simulation he can practice improving the properties of paper and changing grades, for example. In educational establishments the system provides excellent material for both teachers and students.

According to the first user group the illustrated database reads well. It helps people to see "inside" the process, and supports their work with fresh theoretical information. It evens out the level of competence between shifts and even experienced workers can seek information "on the sly".

Companies can attach specific information of their own alongside the core material, as the system is easy to update. The core material contains information about the technology and the management of the processes, about finance and environmental issues. The KnowPap system has interactive exercises and a glossary of paper technology and automation terms; also, user-related questions and learning routes may be stored therein.

The KnowPap system was developed by VTT Automation and HUT (Helsinki University of Technology). It contains information submitted by more than 50 companies and associations. The development work was funded by the companies and by Tekes, the National Technology Agency. The system is kept up to date and operational, and it is currently being translated into English.

For pulp production the KnowPulp learning system is being developed according to the KnowPap framework. Similar systems are also being developed for the power plant and sawmill industries.

Jari Hämäläinen

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VTT Automation
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