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A big international mobile networks project gets under way: VTT leads the development of the first test systems
Services available for a consumer via personal mobile network

VTT is leading the development of the first test systems in a major international research project aiming at a user-friendly information network which goes everywhere with its user. In ten years' time the user will have a personal mobile network which automatically identifies other networks within its sphere of influence and the services and connections available which would interest the user.

European actors in telecommunication will offer consumers a user-friendly information network in 10 years. Then the consumer will be able to use his personal information network, which automatically recognises other information networks operating in the respective sphere of influence and retrieves the user appropriate services.
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All the major European manufacturers of mobile devices and mobile operators are participating in the research project. VTT's special area in the research is the design of new mobile networks and practical tests on them and new mobile devices. The new information networks under development cater for the present mobile services felt by consumers to be useful and for those to be completed in the future. In the future actors in the field of telecommunication will offer the consumer an intelligent mobile network which makes working in data traffic pleasant and easy. The consumer's own mobile network will be connected, for example, to the local network along the route during a train journey and locate appropriate services for the traveller. Moreover, at personal meetings the network of each person present will interconnect to each other to relay services for the group. For example, the mobile network of the future will also be an information network of a vehicle. It will automatically link up with the traveller's personal networks and as the vehicle moves it will link up with the networks of other vehicles. The networks will transmit services to one another and exchange information they have gleaned on traffic jams, road conditions and perhaps the prices of petrol at various filling stations.

The research project is internationally exceptionally extensive and multi-dimensional. The Nordic institutions involved include VTT, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) and the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS). Industrial participants include Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens and DaimlerChrysler and the operators TeliaSonera, France Telecom and Vodafone among others. The technical challenge is enormous, which is why competing actors have been able to engage in co-operation in the basic planning of this field. The first stage of the project will last for two years. The entire project will last for six years and is led by Ericsson AB.

Divisional manager and researcher Tony Jokikyyny of Ericsson Research says that in ten years' time the consumer will only use the technology which offers him appropriate services in the respective situations. By joining forces in this research project a common European perspective in the future is sought on information networks which move around with people and on their standards. According to Jokikyyny, for example, WAP and GPRS technologies were presented to the consumer in a way that was too difficult to use, and there is a desire to avoid similar mistakes by joining forces in the project. Given the extent of the project, societal objectives are also emphasised in addition to commercial objectives. What is valuable is that this joining of forces increases the chances of those with influence in the area to learn new modes of thought from one another.

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Photo: Ericsson Research
VTT Electronics
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Ericsson Research
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