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The mobile phone identifies its user's situation
VTT method provides users with easier than ever mobile services

VTT has developed a service platform which provides the mobile user with services appropriate to the user's location and situation. The service identifies the user's situation and anticipates the information needs, thus reducing the need to browse through service menus. Such situations include e.g. being at home, at work, at an event or hobby or with a friend. The method makes it clearly easier to access the content that is needed at any given time.

A tourist browsing information in the centre of Tampere according to his present location. The friend service also shows him what his friends are up to.
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Photo: VTT
The service automatically offers the user the appropriate menu.
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Photo: VTT
The events service calls up forthcoming attractions at the Tampere Theatre Festival.
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Photo: VTT
Some 100 people tried out the various services appropriate to the VTT method: everyday services, events services, tourist services and friend services.

The event guide developed by VTT was tested during the Tampere Theatre Festival. The service provided mobile users with information and brief synopses on forthcoming performances. The user could also send messages to other festival visitors. The news material on the theatre festival was produced by the Finnish broadcasting company YLE.

The tourist service was tested in the centre of Tampere. The system identifies the location of the tourist and calls up historical images and a description of it.

The group service developed with the VTT method is useful, for example, for companies, hobby groups or groups of friends. The friend service became very popular in the VTT tests. The friends made illustrative descriptions of their locations, what they were doing and what kind of mood they were in. The user could select the description they wanted to be communicated to selected friends. It was also possible to target a message to a particular situation, e.g. "home". The message was delivered only when the recipient arrived home, i.e. when the service identified the recipient being at "home".

The VTT service platform can be used for developing new mobile services for companies and groups. The service operates on both mobile phone and WLAN networks. The work was funded by VTT, Nokia, Radiolinja, Teamware Group Oy and Tekes.

Further information:

Juha Kolari Timo Laakko
VTT Information Technology
Juha Kolari, Research Scientist
mobile +358 50 563 6856
VTT Information Technology
Timo Laakko, Research Professor
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