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VTT developed methods for wireless control of company production lines

To improve companies' business operations VTT has developed methods enabling management to keep track more efficiently of production line activity using a wireless mobile device. The methods accelerate data transfer many times over and the amount of data to be transferred is reduced by as much s 70 per cent, thereby incurring lower data transfer costs.

Development Manager Jouko Tähtinen of Qprojects Oy (left) and Research Group Manager Markus Sihvonen of VTT have applied mobile technology to make remote of production management system more effective.
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With the VTT methods those in charge of the company's production line can obtain information on the production line from a distance much faster than before. Due to the small memory capacity of the mobile device in connection with the company's production system (currently no more than 500 megabits) only the relevant production line data for each mobile user is stored in his device. Also, when a company representative working on a mobile device requests up-to-the-minute information, he receives only essential changes. If he wishes he can use his mobile device to alter the production line data he controls via the central data system – for example to reserve production capacity if a deal is closed.

The data transfer method developed by VTT serves to reduce the data transfer between the central data system and the mobile user by as much as 70 per cent. Thus wireless data transfer may be up to three times faster and response times for mobile users are cut to approximately one half. The costs of wireless data transfer also drop since the amount of data to be transferred is smaller than before.

Efficient mobile technology makes an excellent contribution to a company's decentralised data and production management. The mobile user's wireless device is connected to the central server primarily through wireless LAN or Tele-operators' cellular networks. However, the company's central data system serves the wireless user in the same way as a traditional microcomputer user.

VTT's new mobile technology methods have been pioneered by Qprojects of Oulu, manufacturers of production design and resource management systems. According to the company, data transfer with the VTT methods has become much faster in the company's products. Response times of some 5 seconds are a special plus in mobile work. The VTT methods were moreover easy to install in today's products.

More information:

VTT Electronics
Markus Sihvonen, Research Group Manager
Tel. +358 20 722 2323
Qprojects Oy
Jouko Tähtinen, Development Manager
Tel. +358 8 825 9322, +358 40 058 5439

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