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More films being produced in Tampere Region
Tampere Polytechnic leading an development and training project

Tampere Polytechnic is leading a development and training project aiming at better conditions in Tampere Region for the production of films. The aim of the project is to generate expertise in film production for the audiovisual field in the region. The burgeoning of film-making in Tampere means trainee placements and jobs for those graduating as professionals in the audiovisual field. It is a further advantage that the shooting of a film always means a great deal of other business activity in the vicinity of the location.

The Tampere Polytechnic project is set to train AV producers. A natural by-product of this is the region’s own expertise in film production, specifically with scripts about Tampere Region. Strongly established film production also attracts those from outside to make fictional, documentary, educational and promotional films, company presentation videos, and indeed also full-length films.

Thanks to the research and training project, AV companies will learn to identify marketable film ideas and to process these into professional scripts and production plans in order to seek production funding. The companies will also have the opportunity to work on several ideas at once to make them feasible for production. This will gradually give rise to a new basis for the growth of AV businesses in Tampere Region.

A new concentration of film production in Tampere Region will complement production in the metropolitan area, and Tampere Region already has strong actors in the field, such as TV2 (Finnish Broadcasting Company), Tampere Short Film Festival, Akun Tehdas. The capability in the field of new media also means support for the Creative Tampere Project and the campaign to make Tampere cultural capital of Europe in 2011.

It would be advisable for the municipalities to set up a joint filming facility and a seed investment fund for the AV business to support films to be made in the region. In practice making a film in a given location creates a need for all kinds of services: transportation, accommodation, costume-making, carpentry and catering.

With the growth of TV channels and mobile TV the need for many kinds of film products will grow. For a little comic relief from factual series, like Do-it-Yourself TV and health TV, there is a need for sketches, for example. Digital media offers a means of saving on film production costs.

Participation in the Tampere Polytechnic project costs one thousand Euros. It begins in January 2006 and ends in May 2007. The project is funded by the European Social Fund via the Economic Development and Employment Centre. Municipalities in Tampere Region are also involved. The project may continue with an international “scriptwriting school”. The objective of this would be to use foreign resources to make a success story out of scriptwriting in Tampere Region.

Further information:

Tampere Polytechnic
Markku Veima, Project Manager
Tel. +358 40 506 9588

Mika Ritalahti
Silva Mysterium Oy
Mika Ritalahti, Producer
Tel. +358 40 707 4848

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