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6 Nov 2001

Dream Vision - Sound User Interface

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A unique way to experience and play, based on sound, is developed and studied in the Dream Vision project. The story lives in the player’s mind, not on the display.

The methods of sound design and dramaturgy were used to create a sound game. The player will participate in an interactive story, the presentation of which is based on sound. The user interface of the Dream Vision concept recognises the player’s natural movements such as shaking, squeezing and twirling.

The interface does not use visual presentation. When dealing with emotions and the atmosphere, sound is more effective a form of expression than visual presentation (sound vs. picture in movies). In the Dream Vision game, the player's visions are based on the evocative nature of sound. The experience of the game is much more captivating compared to playing regular computer games, where the visual content limits the evocations.

The Dream Vision project uses the Human-Centred Design (HCD) approach. This approach takes account of the opinions of the users starting from the early stages of the development process. In line with this approach, the design solutions are evaluated together with visually impaired people, who are experts at defining the requirements of a sound user interface.

OThe one-year research project, financed by VTT Information Technology, was launched in January 2001. A wireless control device that recognises the player’s movements was developed in co-operation with the Institute of Electronics at the Tampere University of Technology. Another important project partner is the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired (FFVI).

The Dream Vision study has generated basic knowledge about sound user interfaces and sound games. In the future, the Dream Vision game will be available at VTT Information Technology, Tampere Virtual Reality Center and FFVI.

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For further information please contact:
Mr Antti Väätänen
VTT Information Technology
P.O.Box 1206
33101 Tampere, Finland
Tel. +358 3 316 3336




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