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22 June 2000

Corrosion causes serious faults in electronics


The causes of many faults in electronic equipment have remained unidentified. It has now been found that especially airborne impurities and moisture corrode electronic products and cause them to malfunction. In practice, it is difficult to prove that corrosion is the cause of a fault.

A piece of electronic equipment can malfunction due to a corrosion point with a diameter of less than a micrometre, which is invisible to the naked eye. Corrosion can also be a contributory factor to the development of a fault.

An electronics inspection procedure has been developed to lessen the problem of corrosion, which affect all products and companies of the electronics industry. By understanding the corrosion mechanisms and preventing corrosion it is possible to reduce the number of defects in the soldering process and the incidence of damage caused by transportation and product storage. The product is then better able to withstand the conditions of its service environment and its overall reliability is improved.

Corrosion control requires a comprehensive reassessment of product design,

Risto Hienonen

manufacturing methods and logistics. In connection with the electronics inspection procedure, a guide to the defect mechanisms and methods of corrosion control has been prepared. New methods of improving corrosion resistance have been developed in the ETX project, which involves the participation of Tampere University of Technology, VTT and a number of companies. The project is supported by the National Technology Agency (Tekes).

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