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7 Dec 2000

Reliable human control of technology

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A thorough analysis of the reliability of the human operator is increasingly important because technical systems are becoming more complex in all areas of modern society. At the same time the demands placed on the users and maintainers of technical systems are growing. Analyzing the effects on safety of human decision-making and erroneous actions represents a new advance in research.

The latest methods of analyzing the reliability of the human operator incorporate the foundations of many different scientific disciplines. From a broad overall perspective, information is gathered on all the factors affecting the successful accomplishment of a certain task. The different elements of the analysis should be balanced, the correct mathematical principles selected, and the analysis should be sensitive to the environmental factors of human behaviour.

Pekka Pyy

The study of human reliability is taken to its furthest in the nuclear industry?s probability-based safety analyses. Development work has been financed by the Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland (STUK), Fortum, Teollisuuden Voima, several companies from the Nordic countries, and VTT Automation. The broad perspective necessary for reliability analysis is growing in other sectors of society as well. Analyses are used throughout the entire life cycles of production systems. It is then possible to avoid conflicts between, for instance, the production planner and operative user.

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