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The alarm call for security and care comes through easily and surely
Turku technology prolongs coping in the elderly and increases efficiency in the care field

The Turku company Exrei Oy have developed a wireless alarm and security and surveillance system for the care field. This is easy to install in order to enhance the safety of elderly and demented people both in residential care homes and in users' own homes. The basic equipment includes a small home support device and a safety bracelet. These are inexpensive to acquire and the monthly payment for the system is modest. The system relays a call for help or an alarm immediately to the right recipient's mobile phone.

Kristiina Sunell, Programme Manager at ICT Turku Oy and Markus Merne, Managing Director of Exrei Oy have done their bit to create an internationally competitive research and product development network concentrating on security technology in the Turku region.
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Picture: Tommi Lunden

With help from ICT, Turku Exrei brought together experts in alarm equipment development work, user research, design, electronics and information transfer. Exrei has published its patented equipment and system at the Tampere TERVE SOS trade fair in May. The system is based on the company's security system and care in the community model currently on trial in Lahti. This won the 2003 TERVE SOS trade fair innovation award.

The user-friendliness of the new equipment was confirmed by the senior citizens involved in its design and testing and also by residents and personnel in residential care homes. The running of the equipment can be flexibly changed to support the aged in coping independently. It therefore prolongs their chances of continuing to live in their own homes and improves the cost-efficiency of the security and care field.

An aged or demented person can use the equipment at home, at the summer place or in sheltered accommodation. With the help of the background system it is also possible to locate an individual. For example, the equipment identifies when a demented person leaves the immediate vicinity of the home, and information on the "wandering" can be transferred immediately to the relatives or company in charge of caring services.

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The Exrei alarm equipment for the security and caring field operates entirely on wireless technology. All the old person needs to have is a bracelet or pendant and a support station with microphone and loudspeaker. The bracelet is watertight, and also contains a microphone. Alarms are always relayed reliably because if the equipment is broken or the battery goes flat the background system ensures that an alarm call goes out immediately.

Exrei Oy, ICT Turku Oy and the HEIs of the subregion were in key positions in the development of the South-West Finland co-operation network for the field of security technology. Security technology is the occupation strategy of the City of Turku and one of the focal areas of the University of Turku information technology department – the other is testing. Extrei is aiming at international markets, and the alarm equipment, for example, being Internet based, is easy to adjust to the needs of different countries. The company is concentrating on Spain in addition to the Nordic countries.

Further information:

Exrei Oy
Tommi Lunden, Product Conseptin Manager
Tel. +358 400 449 559
ICT Turku Oy
Kristiina Sunell, Program Manager
Tel. +358 44 790 4921

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