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A special service at the Pirkanmaa Polytechnic - University of Applied Sciences
Home structures and tools to facilitate everyday routines are now available for trial

Pirkanmaa Polytechnic - University of Applied Sciences (PIRAMK) has revamped its exhibition and practice space presenting solutions intended to promote people’s independent coping. In this exhibition space, known as ITSE, special home structures and tools that make everyday coping easier can be seen and tried out. Interest in services supporting independent coping has also been expressed by PIRAMK’s international co-operation partners.

Adjustable kitchen fitting ensure pleasant working that is ergonomically sound.a.
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Photo: Seppo Pajari

ITSE, located in the PIRAMK wellbeing clinic, displays solutions and tools to facilitate hearing, seeing, communicating and also other living and practical solutions. In ITSE, the adjustable-level kitchen and its fittings, bathroom fixtures, furniture, small equipment designed and produced to make people’s functioning easier as well as safety and environment management equipment are exhibited for trial. Thus, ITSE forms part of the PIRAMK’s co-operation with equipment supplying enterprises in which the institution engages, at the same time contributing to PIRAMK’s own service and product development activities.

Last year over 1,100 people came to see the accessible home and daily living in ITSE. Visitors included private individuals planning alterations to home structures, interior decoration and tools acquisitions, experts from the municipal social and health care field likewise decision-makers, members of associations, product developers of service and technology enterprises and teachers and students from PIRAMK and other higher education institutions all over the country. International visitors included e.g. experts from Turin, Italy.

As a higher education institution specialised in the service sector, PIRAMK is publicising solutions in ITSE which can be used to assist elderly or disabled people and those with handicaps to live longer and more easily at home and to cope independently with daily routines. In addition to the homelike ITSE, the PIRAMK wellbeing clinic also houses premises intended for training in the field of health and wellbeing and the development of services, for example a gym and a hydrotherapy pool.

Under the UNIPOLI Agreement confirmed in Tampere in autumn 2006, the four higher education institutions of Tampere will offer joint study modules, including those in health technology and information systems. Furthermore, under this agreement PIRAMK participates in the regional, networked research and development project of wellbeing technology, The Tampere Region User-Centred Wellbeing Technology Programme (HYVITE), which aims at promoting the health and functioning ability of the population by means of wellbeing technology. PIRAMK has the responsibility for one of the research and development projects on this HYVITE programme named Technology Skills to Home Care Services.

ITSE at PIRAMK was constructed as a regional subproject of the national ITSE project funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Nowadays PIRAMK is also involved in the international Design for All network of expertise, which promotes good availability of services intended for everyone as well as accessible environment.

Further information:

Project Manager Kastehelmi Raninen
Tel. +358 50 568 5348
Puuhuone Ars Oy
Director Timo Punkari
Tel. +358 50 554 8150
R&D Director Esa Ala-Uotila
Tel. +358 50 568 5352
Väinö Korpinen Oy
Sales representative Jyrki Luoma
Tel. +358 40 514 4732

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