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TAMK University of Applied Sciences modelling theatrical functions

The School of Art and Media of TAMK University of Applied Sciences is leading cooperation by which Mikkeli and Rauma theatres are developing their functions. The outcomes will be new space for improvisation and creative ideas because the regular production work will be better administrated. The theatres and their respective personnel have decided on their own development aspects and are also sharing their development experiences.

Eero Pölönen, (left) project manager at TAMK University of Applied Sciences and Teemu Ojanne, manager of Rauma theatre have started up a development project, which concerns the entire personnel.
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Photo: Susanna Ihanus

The personnel of Mikkeli and Rauma theatres have met under the guidance of TAMK for their own two-day “future workshops”. At these workshops the participants contemplated frankly how to develop the operations of their theatres. The fact that the theatres are similar in size and also have regular summer productions is a firm basis for deriving benefit from new learning experiences and also for sharing them.

The Rauma theatre decided to analyse and document its own production process. The theatre will presumably take as its research example the production of a forthcoming demanding musical performance. In the future workshop the personnel raised as a particular challenge the need to improve internal communications in its productions and to cut down sporadic haste. The theatre is modelling its own way of doing things, which in the future will make it easier to work together with visitors to management and personnel collaboration.

The Mikkeli theatre is collaborating with TAMK on a project in which the advance planning of the theatre’s repertoire is being assessed. The theatre is developing better methods for ideation and obtaining performing rights, for making contracts for new productions, visitors and schedules. Persevering programme planning also serves to develop the various stages of theatrical work.

The TAMK objective for future workshops is to research production processes together with theatres and identify the most important development areas in production. For the Mikkeli and Rauma theatres the future workshops created new motives and enthusiasm for theatrical work where the crucial thing is frank co-operation and the need to be open to being influenced and to exerting influence. Theatrical production is challenging and entails reconciling the expertise of various fields and in part of changing experts.

The theatres are applying to the Work Development Centre and the EU for funding for their development projects. The projects form part of the TAMK art and media research and development and Business services, and students write theses on them. The development work is also connected to the operations of the Centre for Practice as Research in Theatre.

More information:

TAMK University of Applied Sciences
Project Manager Eero Pölönen    
Tel. +358 50 331 5744
Mikkeli Theatre
Director Pekka Laasonen
Tel. +358 40 773 1703
Rauma Town Theatre
Director Teemu Ojanne
Tel. +358 44 776 9901

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