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An easier way to convert research inventions of Pirkanmaa HEIs into business activity
TEKES chose the Unipoli organisation to test a simpler funding mechanism

Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences, the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology have been given time until April to use money in a more simple way in order to evaluate the commercialization and marketization prospects of inventions. For example, Tampere University of Applied Sciences is to receive 33,000 Euros from the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation in order to explore the business opportunities afforded by new inventions.

Markku Oikarainen
Markku Oikarainen.
Photo: TAMK

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) is to ascertain in the early stages the potential of new products, services or methods to grow into business by exploring their competitive ability, the market prospects and, for example, the novelty value. There are currently some twenty embryonic ideas in TAMK of which possibly half will become the objects of further development. The premises is that TAMK will have the research rights of the inventions and they will be treated in confidence.

Three Finnish polytechnics were included in the TULI experiment of TEKES for development from research to business activity, which is set to run until April. The Unipoli organisation formed by the four higher education institutions (HEIs) in Tampere convinced the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES) and these HEIs constitute the “Pirkanmaa TULI” Project coordinated by Tampere University of Technology.

During the experiment smaller funding decisions will be made independently by the respective HEIs, while the commercialization of more demanding research inventions will be agreed collectively. The findings of direct funding trial will confirm the next corresponding funding mechanism of tens of millions of Euros prepared by TEKES for the period 2008 – 2012.

TAMK has good contacts to companies as potential users of inventions. The experimental funding will enable the acquisition of the best expertise to each incipient invention in order to ascertain its commercial viability.

TEKES is keen to smooth the way for HEIs to commercialize their inventions. The aim of the funding experiment is to achieve an action model for the HEIs and a procedure for everyday use by which an invention can be projected as business activity in the research community and with possible industrial users.

More information:

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Markku Oikarainen, Project Manager
Tel. +358 40 826 7615
Finnish Funding Agency for Technology
Jarmo Raittila, Senior Technology Adviser
Tel. +358 50 323 2442
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Perttu Heino, Research Director
Tel. +358 50 401 2168

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