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Pirkanmaa want to raise its profile in AV and film
Small film companies gained strength on a polytechnic development project

On a research and development project of Tampere Polytechnic - University of Applied Sciences small and medium-sized AV and film enterprises have learned how to apply for funding for new scripts and film productions and to be prepared to face copyright issues in the business, which can be tricky at times. They have also received new decisions on funding, which facilitates the creation of opportunities for work, especially for new film and acting professionals qualifying in the subregion.

The Elokuvamaa Pirkanmaa Project served to strengthen the operations of film enterprises in Pirkanmaa. In the picture Tommi Moilanen of Fahrenheit Media (left), Markku Veima of Tampere Polytechnic - University of Applied Sciences and Matti Pekkanen of Bottomland Pictures.
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On the Elokuvamaa Pirkanmaa Project 20 SMEs learned to network and apply for funding for production ideas. The SMEs also learned to know buyers in the field and buying practices and to commercialise their film and TV production, as a result of which the marketing and selling of films and AV products has been made easier.

There are qualified people in Pirkanmaa in the AV and film field. Companies have had difficulties in obtaining funding for productions, so the polytechnic training focused on methods of product development and applying for funding, and also on matters pertaining to copyright. Copyright and contract law are essential issues in multi-generational AV and film production.

The main trainers on the development project were the company Silva Mysterium Oy. The participating companies learned from each other how to avoid practical mistakes and to offer their film and script ideas at the right time, especially to TV channels. Experts in the field also provided each participating company with individual consulting assistance. The training consisted of days of contact teaching and telework.

The companies hope that a subregional AV and film risk financing system will be set up in Pirkanmaa. This could well jump-start the field in the subregion, as would also a new centre in Tampere for creative entrepreneurship. There are strong actors in the subregion, including TV 2 and Akun tehdas.

In many ways the AV and film business is at a crossroads. Digital technology makes possible new channels, as does the Internet and mobile TV. They all need new content, which is why the number of professionally produced AV programmes and films is likely to grow.

Elokuvamaa Pirkanmaa was a development project of Tampere Polytechnic - University of Applied Sciences (TAMK). It was financed by the European Social Fund via the Centre for Employment and Economic Development, the administrations of the town of Orivesi, the city of Nokia and the city of Tampere, Professia Oy, TAMK and the participating companies. The companies are hoping for joint further education and new training of the same kind has already been proposed for Western Finland. TAMK is also preparing training in which international scriptwriting ‘doctors’ provide guidance on constructing a film plot and drama according to international requirements.

More information:

Tampere Polytechnic - University of Applied Sciences
Project Manager Markku Veima      
tel. +358 40 506 9588
Bottomland Pictures
Producer Matti Pekkanen      
tel. +358 40 721 5303 
Fahrenheit Media
Producer Tommi Moilanen
tel. +358 50 582 6463 

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