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New ventures emerged from ideas developed at Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Innovation services invigorate degree programmes

Business ideas developed at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) have generated a substantial number of new business ventures in recent years. Eleven of 178 business concepts discussed in 2006–2012 have led to commercial trade. In January 2013, students have introduced as many as seven new innovative ideas to the concept development process of TAMK.

Teppo Vuohelainen and Markku Oikarainen
Construction Entrepreneur Teppo Vuohelainen (left) works in the joint-stock company Kirvesmieskopla. The Research into Business Programme (TULI) and Product Track services at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) helped him considerably in developing his business idea. His company has applied for a patent on a new production method for coated reinforcing concrete elements, which for example enables efficient production of high quality walls and floors coated with natural stone. These elements are well suited for export. Markku Oikarainen (right) works as the innovation officer at TAMK.
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Photo: Kalle Heiska

Since last year, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy has provided financial support for innovation services in universities of applied sciences through the Foundation for Finnish Inventions. The foundation has earlier established a Product Track service for new ideas. In addition, another activity has now been set up to support development of innovative business concepts in universities of applied sciences. The Foundation for Finnish Inventions and TAMK support the initial phase of the service with an average of 5,000 euros for an idea to be developed towards starting a business.
TAMK has reinforced its innovation and invention services by appointing an innovation officer. New business ideas have been introduced to him in health care, personal security, energy production, energy saving, motors, moving, teaching aids, real estate tracking, and city structure services. All branches of business are presented in the idea base. A non-disclosure agreement will always be made when dealing with ideas in the innovation service.

Good ideas are courageous and timely. In TAMK, ideas are dealt with briskly. A team of experts, the innovation team, has a broad vision how to develop ideas, many of which have been studied in thesis. Refining the idea into a concept can yield financial profit or it can be useful as a new service or procedure.

A multidisciplinary innovation team strengthens accumulation of new information at TAMK. This facilitates long-term work to back up innovations and inventions. Students and staff are increasingly familiar with innovating. Today, studies promoting innovation can be chosen to elective studies or project studies at TAMK.

To speed up innovations, TAMK cooperates with the innovation expert of the local Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (Ely), New Factory in Tampere and the Product Track team nominated by the Foundation for Finnish Inventions. TAMK is one of the pioneers of innovation services and innovative collaboration among the Finnish universities of applied sciences. Earlier, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) funded innovation ideas through the Research into Business Programme (TULI).

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